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What is Law Enforcement Exploring?

Exploring is a young adult career-based education program for both men and women who are ages 14 through 20 years of age. Law Enforcement Exploring is a youth development program centered on law enforcement careers. Law Enforcement Explorers might choose to take part in crime prevention activities, community policing, traffic control, fingerprinting, ride-alongs, patrol procedures and connecting activities with high schools, court systems and national state and local academies. For young men and women who are interested in careers in the field of law enforcement, Exploring offers education with lots of fun-filled, hands-on activities. The program also provides quality leadership training and the cultivation and development of young minds.

Essentially, Law Enforcement Exploring is an action-oriented, hands-on career discovery program focused for teens interested in law enforcement.

About Post #94

Explorer Post #94 is a non-profit youth program sponsored by The Egg Harbor Township Police Department for young men and woman interested in careers in law enforcement. Our post was founded in 1981. We are located in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County, NJ.


Instruction is provided by sworn law enforcement personnel, Advisors, guest speakers and senior Explorers at weekly meetings. Through prior training and experience, they teach Explorers techniques and skills in law enforcement disciplines ranging from crime prevention to crime scene investigation. In addition, from these weekly meetings and community service events, Explorers gain valuable interpersonal and life skills.

Law Enforcement Explorers receive training that is similar to what sworn law enforcement personnel receive. These skills are then put to the test in a variety of scenarios at state and national competitions. Some topics the Explorers are trained in include academic and practical instruction in the following areas:

- Radio Codes and Procedures

- Building Searches

- Traffic Accident Investigation

- Domestic Violence Intervention

- Crime Scene Investigation

- Evidence Processing

- Criminal/Constitutional Law

- Report Writing

- Traffic Direction and Crowd Control

- Emergency First Aid & CPR

- Patrol Operations

- Traffic Enforcement

- White Collar Crime

- Arrest, Search, and Seizure

- Firearms Training

- Drill Instruction

- Physical Fitness Training

- Ride-A-Long Program

- And much, much, more!

Guest Speakers

We have guest speakers come in from many different special units and Federal Agencies including:

- Egg Harbor Twp. Police K-9

- Atlantic County Emergency Response Team (SWAT)

- Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office

- Atlantic County Sheriff's Office

- Atlantic County Department of Safety/Corrections

- Federal Bureau of Investigation

- US Secret Service

- US Postal Inspection Service

- College Professors

- US Marshal Service

- Regional Fugitive Task Force

- Superior Court Judges

Conferences and Competitions

Occasionally Explorers are able to attend conferences and competitions in different areas of the United States. Some of the conferences we have attended have been held in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana and Georgia, to name a few. Attending these trips gives the Explorers an opportunity to use the skills and knowledge they have learned during their training. Some of the competitions that the Explorers participate in are:

- Domestic Crisis Intervention

- Traffic Accident Investigation

- First Aid

- Crime Scene Investigation

- Report Writing

- Bomb Threat Response

- Building Search

- Traffic Stops

- Obstacle Course / Physical Agility

In order to be eligible to attend these trips and conferences, an Explorer must be active and in good standing in the program. They also must participate in fund raising activities to help raise money for the activities.

Other Activities Include

- Fun/Game Nights

- Ski Trips

- Escape the Room Adventures

- Adventure Trails

- White Water Rafting

- Hiking


- Paintball

- Pool & Bowling

- Six Flags

- And many more fun outings and activities for team building

What you can expect to gain?

- Discipline, confidence, pride in yourself and your community

- A better understanding of law enforcement with career mentoring and guidance

- Meet other people your age who share your interest in law enforcement

- Community service hours

How much does it cost?

Basic membership is free as the annual program participation fee and uniforms are provided by the post. Special activities and events such as national conferences and national leadership academies involve registration fees and other costs as determined by the type, duration and location of the event or activity.

What the Explorer Post is not

The Explorer Post is not a program for "at risk" youth. An applicant cannot have any arrests and/or convictions for felonies or serious misdemeanors (i.e., domestic violence). A member must be able to work independently and with other Explorers, Explorer supervisors and police officers. The public will hold them to the same standard as police officers and they must be able to conduct themselves in a similar manner. An applicant must be reasonably physically fit and be able to stand for long periods and work in various weather conditions.